Bubble Thriller

Bubble Thriller 2.0

This refreshing game will keep you glued to your system for hours
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Bubble Thriller is a real-time entertainment for all ages. In this game you will find refreshing entertainment simply by popping colorful bubbles to gain points. The basic interface displays a board full of colorful bubbles; these bubbles have to be cleared in three or more than three in number for scoring maximum points. You will have to choose a bubble and click on it to burst it by detonating all the similar colored bubbles around it. You will have to choose the cluster of maximum bubbles with the same color to score more points. The game rules are as follows: one has to blowup at least 3 bubbles at a time, if not it will lead to the points decrease, and if your points reduce to 0 then your board will be filled again with a new flock of bubbles. Once you have cleared all the bubbles of the same color, they will not tend to appear anymore and you can collect some bonus too. Once you've succeed in bursting all the bubbles, the game comes to the end.
Bubble Thriller includes Novice, Expert and Master skill levels; speed of motion for the bubbles, option to play the game with squares or hexagons instead of bubbles; an option to include sound, direct sound, auto-save and animation effects, and an option to save and restore the game. Also, your best scores can be saved to the disk.

Surendra Keshav
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  • Interesting game-play makes it addictive
  • Colorful bubbles and amazing graphics
  • No time limits, and different game options makes it more interesting
  • The game can be run with minimum system requirements
  • Provides the option to save the game in the middle and restores later


  • None found
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